Preliminary measures have been put in place to transition the current operations of the Psychological Therapies (formerly ATAPS) program to a new commissioned model of care.

The new model will include the outsourcing of intake and assessment along with the delivery of services, an end-to-end model Therefore, you may have noticed some modifications including an adjustment to your Psychological Therapies referral allocations to enable a smooth transition.

Correspondence in relation to this was sent directly to the practices via email on 25 July 2017. As the program transitions the central focus remains on continuity of care for existing clients.

Timelines associated with this change are:

  • Current provider contracts will be extended until 12 January 2018
  • The new Psychological Therapies model will commence establishment in October 2017, with a transition process to occur until mid-January 2018. All new referrals will be through the new service model from November 2017.

If you have questions with regards to the Psychological Therapies program please contact Meg Fletcher via email or phone: 1300 467 265.