A new study based at Curtin University aims to explore health professionals’ perspectives on PIED injection, service encounters with PIED consumers and health concerns associated with PIED injecting. The purpose of the study is to improve understandings of PIED use to inform effective, targeted PIED-related hepatitis C prevention education and other health information.

We are seeking to interview General Practitioners (including people specialising in sports medicine) to explore their understandings of PIED injecting, and perceptions of needs for more effective, better-targeted responses and health information.

These interviews are confidential and will be conducted at a time and place suitable to the health practitioner. For further information about this national project on men’s use of performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs) follow this link.

Contact Renae Fomiatti to arrange an interview at renae.fomiatti@curtin.edu.au.