The National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs (NCCRED) has been established to support the provision of effective responses to people experiencing problems related to their use of methamphetamine and other emerging drugs of concern.

NCCRED aims to bring clinicians and researchers together to embed research in clinical practice and translate and disseminate effective treatments into practice.

Two groups will be established to guide the work of NCCRED – a Clinical Reference Group and a Clinical Research Network Working Group – as well as a wider stakeholder network.

The Clinical Reference Group will bring together a core group of Australian clinicians providing treatment and early intervention services for people with substance use disorders related to methamphetamine and other emerging drugs of concern. We hope to recruit a range of clinicians from a spectrum of services, locations, and affected populations. The Clinical Reference Group will steward and support the development of NCCRED’s Workforce Development Strategy; including advising, reviewing and disseminating NCCRED’s clinical materials.

A Working Group to support the development of a national methamphetamine and emerging drugs Clinical Research Network will be established to guide the clinical research strategy and capacity building work of NCCRED. This Working Group is a one-year time limited group, tasked with advising on the foundation of the national network, and contributing to the initial research strategy development and capacity building activities, including advice and support for the seed funding, mentorship, and fellowships program of NCCRED.

This is an open call for expressions of interest in registration as a stakeholder, and for membership of either the Clinical Reference Group or the Clinical Research Network Working Group. Group members will be selected with an aim to promote diversity of geography, population, professional discipline and clinical setting, and will include consumer and supporter/carer representation.

If you are interested in being involved, please provide the information below to Jemma Hallen by close of business on 10 August 2018.

  1. Who are you? Please provide your name, contact details, and organisation and position if relevant.
  2. What research do you do? Describe any methamphetamine and other emerging drugs clinical research and/or evaluations you or your organisation have done or are doing. Please include any web link or reports you can share.
  3. What support and activities would you find most useful from NCCRED to help you improve clinical care for people who experience problems from use of methamphetamine and other emerging drugs?
  4. What do you think you could contribute to the work of NCCRED? How would you like to be involved?

For more information please contact Quoc Nguyen, Project Officer or Nadine Ezard, Director