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Reconciliation Action Plan commitment

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Brisbane South PHN is fortunate to be part of a rich and diverse community. In particular, we have one of the country’s largest urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. As part of the health sector, we have an important role to work alongside our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners to Close The Gap. This is a role we take very seriously.

In 2015 Recognise Australia endorsed our Innovate RAP, which outlined the actions we would take to show respect, strengthen relationships and identify opportunities. These actions range from acknowledging traditional custodians at the beginning of our gatherings and participating in Indigenous led events, such as NAIDOC and Reconciliation Week, through to providing employment and procurement opportunities.

Approximately five per cent of our staff are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, including in management, administration and training positions.

Going forward, we are planning to extend our plan to a Stretch RAP and engage our local communities directly to jointly develop our targets and actions.