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Integrated care

Person Centred Collaborative Care (PCCC) is Brisbane South PHN’s model for integrated person centred approaches to health and wellbeing in our region. It is a way of putting people at the centre of their care to provide tailored and coordinated health care that is respectful and responsive to a patient’s needs, preferences and values. Person Centred Collaborative Care is an approach that involves the entire health care system, providing integrated care that is patient centred, seamless and well supported by systems to achieve better patient outcomes.

Brisbane South PHN has started the Person Centred Collaborative Care journey by working with general practices in target areas assessed as having higher needs, using international best practice to transform practices towards a more effective model of care delivery.

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Person Centred Collaborative Care

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I'm a member of the community - how will PCCC impact me?

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I'm from general practice - what's in it for me?