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Multicultural health

The Brisbane South PHN region is home to over 43% of Queensland’s culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) population and more than 68% of Queensland’s refugee population.

This page is for healthcare professionals and service providers. This section outlines some of our key initiatives and resources that can support you in providing care to people of CALD and refugee backgrounds.

Refugee Health Connect


Refugee Health Connect

Refugee Health Connect (RHC) is a partnership between Brisbane South PHN, Brisbane North PHN, Mater Health Services, and Metro South Hospital and Health Service aimed to support primary care in working with people of refugee backgrounds.

By providing education and support, RHC builds the skills and capabilities of primary care to manage the care of refugee families in a culturally and clinically appropriate manner.

Practices are provided with:

  • peer-to-peer education from Brisbane South PHN’s clinical leads – a GP and practice nurse who have extensive experience in refugee health
  • in-house practice support and guidance
  • cultural awareness training
  • clinical education events
  • resource folders for clinical and administration staff.

If you would like to become a ‘refugee ready’ practice, contact RHC on 07 3864 7580.

Refugee Health Connect is also a one point of contact for all aspects of refugee health.

RHC can assist you with navigating the refugee health space and linking people from refugee backgrounds to appropriate primary health providers in order to improve health access and engagement. Linkages are made based on factors such as the patient’s location, complexity of needs and cultural requirements.

Contact details:

PHONE: 07 3864 7580

EMAIL: refugeehealth@bsphn.org.au

Refugee Health Connect Fact Sheet

Refugee Health Connect Contact List

Allied Health Professionals



Interpreting for Allied Health Professionals

Brisbane South PHN has established the Interpreting for Allied Health Professionals Program to:

  • support access to private allied health services for non-English speaking clients
  • ensure interpreter services are available to private allied health services to communicate with non-English speaking clients.

The program is available within the Brisbane South PHN region through a capped funding stream, and will be delivered by Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS) National at no cost to the allied health service.

The program includes access to immediate and pre-booked phone interpreting and onsite interpreting. In return, allied health services must agree to complete cross-cultural use of interpreter training and participate in a program evaluation survey.

This program is available to a limited number of allied health disciplines including: diabetes educators, dietitians, physiotherapists, psychologists, exercise physiologists, podiatrists, dentists, optometrists, speech pathologists, audiologists, mental health nurses, social workers and occupational therapists.

Due to the high number of Allied Health Practitioners now registered for the Interpreting for Allied Health Professionals Program, Brisbane South PHN are not currently registering new allied health professionals.

If you would like to be considered for the program in future, please email an expression of interest (EOI) to refugeehealth@bsphn.org.au or fax to 07 3864 7599. EOIs will be kept on file and reviewed quarterly with consideration to local need and program capacity. Brisbane South PHN will communicate the outcome of your EOI via email.

Multilingual Allied Health Professionals

Brisbane South PHN is committed to supporting the needs of our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

To better support healthcare needs in these vulnerable communities, Brisbane South PHN has developed a directory of Allied Health Professionals who have identified as being able to speak and consult in a language other than English.

This resource is available for anyone seeking an Allied Health Professional who may be able to provide a non-English consultative service. To register or access our Multilingual AHP directory, please see the following resources.