Health professionals are being encouraged to take the opportunity to learn more about Brisbane South PHN’s Integrated Team Care Program, which was formerly known as Closing The Gap.

The latest official health data shows the average life expectancy at birth for Indigenous people in Brisbane is 77 years compared to 85 years for non-indigenous people. This represents an eight-year gap in life expectancy. When compared to the rest of Queensland, the average gap for Indigenous males is 10.4 years and 8.9 years for Indigenous females.

Brisbane South PHN is helping to close the life-expectancy gap by funding the Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) to coordinate a team of Indigenous Health project officers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander outreach workers and care coordinators to:

  • support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to obtain primary health care as requested
  • provide care coordination services to eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with chronic health condition/s and who require multidisciplinary care ƒƒimprove access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to culturally appropriate mainstream primary healthcare services.

Through the Integrated Team Care Program, IUIH can assist your practice with free services, including client support, general practice education and information on cultural awareness, Medicare Benefits Schedule item numbers and Practice Incentives Program eligibility.

Please contact the IUIH team by phoning 07 3648 9500.