Health professionals and the general public will find it easier to search for mental health services, information and resources. The Australian Department of Health recently launched the Head to Health digital mental health portal, which connects people to trusted online and phone mental health services appropriate for their individual needs.

Head to Health has a directory of more than 370 federally funded mental health services and resources, including mental health websites, online courses, free or low-cost evidence based apps and online programs to help build personal skills plus forums to share experiences with others who are also experiencing mental health challenges.

“Head to Health provides a place where people can access support and information before they reach crisis, and it will continue to grow with additional services, a telephone support service to support website users and further support for health professionals to meet the needs of their patients,” Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said in a published statement.

“I encourage not only people seeking help and support, but anyone wanting to learn more on how to maintain good mental health wellbeing, to visit the website at:

Head to Health has been developed in collaboration with the community, mental health sector and the Australian Department of Health.

Visit for more information.