General practices in the Brisbane south region are taking a data-driven approach to improve the quality of patient care through Brisbane South PHN’s Building Digital Health and Optimal Care programs.

Starting with data quality, the Building Digital Health program supports general practices to collect, analyse and utilise their data using the PEN CS’ CAT 4 and Topbar tool as well as activity goal books. This builds the foundation for the Optimal Care program supporting general practices to improve systems and patient management of chronic diseases using a range of resources and workbooks.

Practice manager Colette Procter at Doctors @ Forest Lake Village has participated in the program for over two years and says the guidance and tools provided have been invaluable in helping to create a quality improvement program for the practice’s upcoming accreditation.

“Working through the goal activity books and Optimal Care’s asthma, diabetes, and flu booklets with the CAT 4 tool has inspired me to create several PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) reports and monitoring systems,” said Colette.

“These systems have helped to produce KPIs for my staff that ultimately pushed us to improve on the quality of our data in which we can now monitor changes on a monthly basis.”

This data can be used in planning, implementing and monitoring business and clinical system initiatives, which can lead to improved health outcomes.

“From our monitoring, we have also identified other avenues of how to care for set patients with different diagnosis leading to improved quality of care on an individual basis for each patient.”

“I have to thank Brisbane South PHN for the help and support they have provided me over this period, as I do not think I would have been as far advanced in my quality improvements without them.”

To find out more about the Building Digital Health program, click here or contact the Digital Health team via email at or phone 1300 467 265.

To find out more about the Optimal Care program, click here or contact the Optimal Care team via email at or phone 07 3864 7551.