Did you know that 23 October was Drop the Jargon Day? Drop the Jargon is a day for professionals in Australian health, community services and local government to use plain language.

With 6 out of 10 people in Australia experiencing low health literacy, organisations play an important role in making it easier for people with low health literacy to understand and use health information.

Ways that you can encourage your workplace to drop the jargon include:

  • using plain language in all communication – with other staff and with clients
  • not using acronyms
  • explaining medical and other technical terminology
  • checking that information has been understood by your clients
  • working with a professional interpreter when your clients have low English proficiency
  • politely pointing out when your colleagues use jargon.

Throughout the month of October, Brisbane South PHN encouraged staff to donate a gold coin each time they used jargon into a ‘Drop the Jargon’ jar.

All proceeds will contribute to a Birthing Kit Assembly Day at the Brisbane South PHN office, in support of Birthing Kit Foundation Australia and their work to reduce pregnancy and childbirth-related complications globally by providing clean Birthing Kits in developing countries.​

To learn more about Drop the Jargon Day and access resources on improving health literacy, visit https://www.dropthejargon.org.au/