Brisbane South PHN is proud to announce the election of Indigenous health Professor and Ngugi woman Cindy Shannon as the new Board Chair.

Cindy is the first female to be elected Chair and will continue her role as a member of the Brisbane South PHN Governance Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee and the Nominations Committee.

Cindy is also Chair of the Queensland Ministerial Advisory Committee on Sexual Health, and has played an important role in policy advice and implementation for the sector, at the national, state and community levels over the past 20 years.

In addition, Cindy has played a key role in the Indigenous health workforce, having led numerous reforms in service delivery to Indigenous communities and the development of Australia’s first degree level program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers.

Cindy was recognised for her achievements and contributions to Indigenous communities with a Queensland Great Award in 2017.

Brisbane South PHN also acknowledges our retiring Chair, Dr Ian Williams, who has been the Chair of Brisbane South PHN since our inception in 2015.

Ian’s leadership roles also extends back to the Medicare Local Divisions of General Practice. Through these roles he was a significant contributor to the development of Brisbane South PHN.

Ian remains on the Board of Brisbane South PHN as a Director. He is also Chair of the Nominations Committee as well as a member of the Governance Committee.