The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is seeking individuals in several categories as a member for the University Human Research Ethics Committee (UHREC). The role of the members of the UHREC is to decide whether a research proposal submitted for review meets the requirements of the National Statement of Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007, updated 2018) (National Statement, NS) and is ethically acceptable (NS 5.2.2).

Individuals in the following categories are sought:

  • an individual who has research experience in any field of human research (NS 5.1.30f)
  • an individual with knowledge of, and current experience in, the professional care, counselling or treatment of people (NS 5.1.30c)
  • an individual who has no affiliation with the institution and does not currently engage in medical, scientific, legal or academic work (NS 5.1.30b).

The Committee reviews research projects that involve humans from the breadth of disciplines at QUT, such as creative industries, education, science and engineering, health, law and business. The role of the UHREC is to protect the welfare, rights, dignity and safety of research participants, to help to advance research which is seeking solutions to real world problems, and in the case of the external members, bring an independent, community perspective to the Committee.

To fulfil that responsibility, a member of the UHREC should become familiar with National Statement, and consult other guidelines relevant to the review of specific research proposals (NS 5.2.3)

The Committee’s membership comprises a chairperson, external lay members, external professional care members, external lawyers, pastoral care members, experienced researchers encompassing the range of disciplines at QUT, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representatives.

Committee meetings are held at QUT Kelvin Grove campus, Victoria Park Road, Kelvin Grove QLD 4059, parking is provided for the duration of the meetings. There is no remuneration associated with this volunteer position.


  • Apply the ethical principles and values set out in the National Statement of Ethical Conduct in Human Research, the UHREC terms of reference, QUT policy and procedures, and operating guidelines.
  • Consider the ethical implications of proposed research projects on human participants and to determine whether they are acceptable on ethical grounds.
  • Contribute to discussion and consensus based decisions where necessary.
  • Prepare for and attend scheduled meetings of the committee or, if unavailable and the alternate member is also not available, provide opinions on the ethical acceptability of research proposals before meetings (NS 5.23b).
  • Disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest, including any financial or other interest or affiliation that bears on any research coming before the UHREC (NS 5.2.4).
  • Attend continuing education or training programs in research ethics at least every three years (NS 5.2.3c).

Training provided

  • Members are provided induction and online ethics committee training through Praxis or similar.
  • During membership, all members are given the opportunity to attend training workshops relevant to the work and responsibilities of the committee.

Time commitment

  • The committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month 11 times per year (February – December). Meetings begin at 10.30am are approximately four hours long, with a short break for lunch (provided).
  • The time reviewing applications prior to the meeting will vary for each meeting depending upon the number and nature of proposals submitted, although several hours is anticipated.
  • Committee agendas and applications are distributed to the preferred address of the member. Applications are available electronically, and if desired, in hard copy.

For more information

Most people find this an interesting and rewarding experience. If you are interested in being involved in the QUT University Human Research Ethics Committee please email a one-page expression of interest and your CV to Dr Nicola Pritchard (see below). In your expression of interest, please provide a brief summary of your educational qualifications, work experience, and a statement setting out why you are interested in being a Committee member.

Dr Nicola Pritchard
Office of Research Ethics and Integrity
Queensland University of Technology
Telephone: 07 3138 2091 or 0415 270 073