Brisbane South PHN corporate governance statement

  • strategic direction, planning and monitoring of vision and strategic objectives and clear corporate values
  • lay solid foundations for management and oversight of the organisation
  • clear roles and responsibilities of the Board and CEO, with effective Board and committee structures
  • efficient planning and policy setting, particularly around risk, financial, information and people management
  • clear lines of accountability to local communities, the Commonwealth and to the National Performance Authority
  • quality of performance monitored against national and local standards in the delivery and contracting of services
  • reporting arrangements that are simple, relevant and robust; with timely and balanced disclosure
  • effective governance to ensure probity and value for money
  • compliance with statutory obligations.

Our structure

Our organisational structure was adopted to align to our strategic plan and ensure we respond effectively to our purpose of understanding needs, engaging and working within the healthcare system and local communities to improve health and wellbeing.

Our constitution

Brisbane South PHN’s Constitution outlines the nature of the organisation.

This includes but is not limited to the membership, frequency of meetings, no profits for members, indemnity, insurance, powers of the Board and appointment, remuneration and retirement of directors and the Chief Executive Officer.

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