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Expressions of Interest and Tenders

What is commissioning?

Needs are assessed through community consultation and solutions are designed in partnership with stakeholders. Transparent processes are used to promote the implementation of these solutions, including the identification of providers from whom services may be purchased. These solutions are then evaluated and the evaluation outcomes used to inform further assessment and planning.

The commissioning process is guided by the following principles:

  1. Understand the needs of the community by engaging and consulting with consumer, carer and provider representatives, peak bodies, community organisations and other funders.
  2. Engage potential service providers well in advance of commissioning new services.
  3. Focus on outcomes rather than service models or types of interventions.
  4. Adopt a whole-of-system approach to meeting health needs and delivering improved health outcomes.
  5. Understand the fullest practical range of providers including the contribution they could make to delivering outcomes and addressing market failure and gaps.
  6. Co-design solutions and engage with stakeholders, including consumer representatives, peak bodies, community organisations, potential providers and other funders, to develop outcome-focused solutions.
  7. Consider investing in the capacity of providers and consumers, particularly in relation to hard-to-reach groups.
  8. Ensure procurement and contracting processes are transparent and fair, facilitating the involvement of the broadest range of suppliers, including alternative arrangements such as consortia building where appropriate.
  9. Manage through relationships and work in partnership, building connections at multiple levels of partner organisations and facilitate links between stakeholders.
  10. Develop environments high in trust through collaborative governance, shared decision-making and collective performance management.
  11. Ensure efficiency and value for money.
  12. Monitor and evaluate through regular performance reports and consumer, community and provider feedback and independent evaluation.

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Brisbane South PHN works with providers to deliver a range of services.

The process

When an agreement is established between Brisbane South PHN and a provider, we develop the agreement and send it to the provider for review and comment.

When the provider agrees to all terms and conditions, one copy of the agreement is forwarded to their delegated authority for signature. The agreement is then returned to Brisbane South PHN within 10 business days.

Once the agreement is returned by the provider, Brisbane South PHN arranges for full execution of the agreement and, within five business days, the signed, original agreement is returned to the contractor. A copy is also be emailed as confirmation.


Brisbane South PHN requests various certification from all contracted organisations. The required information is outlined on a due diligence form which is attached or contained within the agreement. The required certification depends on the services being contracted. For example, mental health providers must have professional and public indemnity, be a proven registered provider, and may need to have proof of cultural awareness training/suicide training/child mental health training. This information must be provided before an agreement can be fully executed.

Contact us

Please phone our Contracts Team on 07 3864 7555 or email contracts@bsphn.org.au