Our members

Brisbane South PHN’s member organisations comprise of a mix of founding members and members who joined after establishment of Brisbane South PHN in accordance with the Constitution.

These 23 member organisations have signed a Members’ Charter covering purpose, rights of members, responsibility of members, the process for amendments to the Charter and recruitment of new members with each organisation nominating a key contact person.

Brisbane South PHN regularly communicates with member organisations and has formalised partnerships through individual Working Together Agreements. These focus on an agreed schedule of activities/goals to work jointly to mutually benefit our community.

Brisbane South PHN continues to provide member organisations with:

  • opportunities to have input on issues relating to the region, including subject specific expert reference panels
  • invitations to attend education events relevant to their sector
  • opportunities to work on joint investment proposals where there is alignment in both organisation’s mutual objectives and a commitment to work together.

Members include: