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Listed on this page are the latest primary care research and consultation opportunities in the Brisbane south region.*

STAREE – A randomised clinical trial of STAtin therapy in Reducing Events in the Elderly

There is some evidence that statins may reduce the decline in physical and mental function as well as reducing the incidence of heart disease, stroke and dementia. Therefore, statin treatment may help to prolong healthy independent living.

STAREE is a large community-based, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled primary prevention trial designed to assess whether daily active treatment of 40 mg atorvastatin will enhance disability free survival (death, dementia and disability) and prevent major cardiovascular outcomes in healthy participants aged 70 years and over.

The risks and benefits of statins in the healthy elderly have never been addressed in a large, independent population based trial. The trial fills a gap in the literature that the NHMRC has deemed of value to society. 

The trial has minimal impact on practice staff as STAREE Clinical Trial Coordinators perform all study assessments on trial participants.

This public health study has been funded by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council and Heart Foundation.

How to get involved

Are you interested in becoming a GP co-investigator with the opportunity to use their participation in the STAREE clinical trial to gain RACGP CPD program points? In addition to this you practice will receive a one off $100 payment per randomised participant.

Please contact Morgan See, your local clinical trial coordinator, by email: , or visit the website to learn more.

Study on Nurse Engagement in Antimicrobial Stewardship

Nurses are invited to participate in a study on Nurse Engagement in Antimicrobial Stewardship (NEAS) conducted by the University of Wollongong, ISLHD and SESLHD. The study aims to explore how nurses perceive their roles on influencing their patients/clients towards the appropriate use of antibiotics. A full information sheet for participants is available here.

If you have any questions regarding this study please contact Dr Shahla Meedya, Chief Investigator, University of Wollongong, on 02 4221 3205, or at, or click here to access the survey directly.

Seeking General Practitioners and practice nurses to participate in COGNISANCE survey

The COGNISANCE Study (“Co-Designing Dementia Diagnosis And Post Diagnostic Care”) is seeking to recruit General Practitioners and Practice Nurses, for a survey and a short zoom/phone interview. COGNISANCE is based on evidence that people with dementia and their family care partners are often dissatisfied with the diagnostic process and post-diagnostic support. The project aims to improve the experience of dementia diagnosis and post-diagnostic care from the perspectives of people living with dementia, their care partners and health and social care professionals.

The survey is available here; there is one for health practitioners; one specifically for people with dementia (or older people in the community who think they may have dementia); and care partners (people caring for someone with dementia).

If you would like further information, to receive a paper survey or arrange to complete the survey by interview over the phone please contact Dr. Meredith Gresham, COGNISANCE study co-ordinator at


To submit your research opportunity for inclusion on this list, please email us a 200-word summary of your opportunity, including any associated documentation and hyperlinks. Research opportunities will remain on this list for two months unless early removal is requested.

*This is not a comprehensive list of research and consultation opportunities in our region. Inclusion on this list is at the discretion of researchers who have submitted the listing to us. As such, information in the listings may not reflect the views or values of Brisbane South PHN and we do not endorse the information contained therein.

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