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How to submit an article in Primary Health Matters newsletter

Please email your content (formatted according to publication guidelines below) to by COB Monday (for a Thursday distribution). We may not respond immediately, however your submission will be filed and considered as part of the next edition, if it meets the publication guidelines. Editorial discretion will be used to determine what is published and when.

Publication guidelines

    • Please advise the preferred publication date of the article (distribution is weekly on a Thursday).
    • Ensure your article is clearly aimed at local primary health care providers and practice staff.
    • Article heading
      • No more than 8 words.
      • Be clear, concise and action-orientated.
    • Article body
      • No more than 100 words.
      • Focus on what the stakeholder would be interested in reading and what they need to know.
      • Write the article using full sentences, and bullet points for lists.
      • Lists of bullet-point information or content copied from another source that is not suitable for Primary Health Matters will not be accepted.
      • If linking to other information, please include the full URL (do not hyperlink the text) and note where you would like them inserted in the article.
      • If your article requires supporting documentation such as flyers or PDFs, please include them in your email as an attachment and clearly note where you would like them linked to in the article.
    • Call to action
      • Buttons may be included at the end of articles for calls to action e.g. ‘Register’, ‘Download resource’, ‘View the website’.

    We receive many submissions weekly and we thank you for your interest and time in ensuring your article meets the publication guidelines.