Our role

Who we are

Brisbane South PHN (Primary Health Network) is a not-for-profit organisation. Our role is to work with health professionals and our communities to understand the health needs of our region, and commission services that directly respond to these needs. We strive to improve the health outcomes of everyone in our region by creating a more accessible and equitable health system.

The key objective of the PHN is to work at a system level to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of health services for the Brisbane south community, particularly for vulnerable populations and those at risk of poor health outcomes.

What we do

Brisbane South PHN supports the primary health sector by:

  • providing support services so health care providers are better placed to care for patients
  • supporting workforce development through training and education
  • assisting health care services to implement and use digital health systems
  • working with others to purchase or commission health services for vulnerable communities
  • identifying and addressing health service gaps based on careful planning and analysis.

How we do it

To achieve our strategic goals, we work with the following stakeholder groups to support a well-coordinated, collaborative, high-quality primary health system:

  • health care professionals
  • regional hospital and health services
  • State and Federal governments
  • local community organisations
  • public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Annually, we also undertake a Needs Assessment in partnership with Metro South Health, Children’s Health Queensland and Mater Health Services. Primary health professionals, health service providers and community representatives are invited to participate in this collaborative process to identify health care priorities for the region that will guide strategic decision-making.

Through these partnerships and ongoing stakeholder engagement, we aim to improve the integration of regional health services and enhance the effectiveness of our health system for everyone, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes. We continuously strive to understand, respond to and innovate for improved health literacy, quality improvement and a responsive health system that meets the needs of our diverse community.

Our culture, values and strategy

Our culture

Our people are our most important asset, and we have built a positive culture by undertaking our daily activities in line with our values. Accordingly, everything we do is focused on achieving our vision, purpose and strategic goals.

Our values

  • Courage
  • Integrity
  • Purpose
  • Respect
  • Synergy

Our vision

The best possible health and wellbeing for every person in the Brisbane south region.

Our purpose

Partnering to build a health and wellbeing system in which every person in the Brisbane south region, especially those with the greatest need, is supported to live well and experiences care that is connected, high quality and easy to access.

Our strategic goals

  • Better knowledge: undertake evidence-based planning to ensure the right people are getting access to the right information
  • Better coordination: establish and foster collaborative partnerships and networks with primary health professionals and health services to improve accessibility
  • Better health: lead the way in facilitating accessible, appropriate, patient-centred health care through better coordination of services
  • Better organisational performance: build excellence in organisational capability and culture by living our values and ensuring responsible and transparent governance
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