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Seeking primary care nurses and midwives for Monash University study

Researchers from Monash University are seeking to recruit primary care nurses and midwives for an evaluation of an online learning module about preconception health. The study has been approved by Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee. It involves completing two very brief online surveys (roughly 5 minutes) about preconception health, one before and one after […]

Treatment decision-making for mental health in primary care

Seeking General Practitioners, and doctors working in general practice. Researchers at Griffith University are conducting interviews with GPs over phone or Zoom to find out more about their strategies for treating patients’ depressive symptoms. This will provide valuable insight into how mental health is managed in primary care, and supply practical feedback outlining decision-making strategies […]

Help develop clinical resources for obesity prevention

Do you feel passionate about tackling childhood obesity? Clinicians who see infants (0-2 years) in clinical practice and parents/guardians of infants are invited to join two video/teleconference sessions (approximately one hour each) to have a conversation on how to best develop two clinical resources for i-PATHWAY- a digital tool to predict childhood obesity. You can […]

Evaluating attitudes of health professionals towards novel mental health treatments

Seeking General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Mental Health Researchers! Researchers from The Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney are seeking to understand the expert attitudes of health professionals towards new mental health treatments, as part of a Clinical Masters research project. This will help us to assess any potential barriers to accessing and researching […]

Obesity survey to help shape new clinical pathway

The University of Queensland, in collaboration with Children’s Health Queensland, has developed a digital tool to predict childhood obesity, called i-PATHWAY. Clinicians can use i-PATHWAY with infants to accurately predict risk of future childhood obesity. We are looking for clinicians (who currently see infants aged 0-2 years) to complete a short survey (5 minutes) about: […]