Advance care planning

What is advance care planning?

Advance Care Planning is an opportunity for a person to discuss and communicate his or her plan for future care and treatment should he or she be unable to make or communicate those decisions in the future. Even if you are fit and healthy, it is never too early to plan your future health care.

Why should you plan ahead?

Planning ahead can mean:

  • discussing your health care and quality of life choices with those closest to you and those you trust
  • recording your choices in a Statement of Choices
  • choosing and appointing your Enduring Power of Attorney, and/or
  • completing your Advance Health Directive.

To ensure:

  • the treatment and care you receive in the future is in line with your wishes
  • your loved ones won’t have to make difficult decisions on your behalf without knowing what you would have wanted
  • health care decisions made for you do not happen in a crisis.

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