Domestic and family violence

Since 2006 in Queensland:

  • 263 women children and men have been killed by a family member or current / former intimate partner
  • approximately two women are killed nearly every week in Australia due to domestic and family violence
  • one in six women and one in seventeen men experience physical violence by a partner
  • one in four women and one in six men experience emotional abuse by a current or previous partner.

Domestic and family violence is the use or threat of harm to control another person. In many cases it can remain hidden from others outside the family home as the person causing harm establishes control through fear and may use coercive behaviours such as intimidation and other forms of psychological abuse.

Some questions to consider include whether your partner:

  • puts you down in front of others?
  • controls the money?
  • tells you what to wear and who to see?
  • makes you feel unsafe in your home?

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