My health for life

My health for life (MH4L) is a free program for patients at high-risk of developing a chronic disease. The program includes six sessions over six months and is available via phone coaching or face-to-face groups.

The great thing about MH4L is that it is personalised to suit your needs – and it’s free! The program is delivered in your local area by qualified health professionals. The program focusses on teaching you the skills to help get you going, rather than just giving you information about what you should be doing better. It’s about taking small steps to achieve great health results.

My health for life – Is it for you?

People are often unaware of their risk of developing future health conditions because they currently feel okay or there are no obvious signs to indicate that their risk of chronic conditions is high.

The MH4L program recognises that everyone is different and that joining a gym, or having special “diet” food delivered does not work for everyone. We understand that having support is a major factor in staying healthy.

The program has taken a fresh approach to helping people make healthy choices. Maybe yours is finding the motivation and support to get going, while for someone else it’s weight loss or finding a physical activity they enjoy. Sometimes it is just about finding the right headspace to keep on track when life gets in the way.

How to take part

  • Get started by doing an online health check to assess your chronic disease risk
  • Call the 13 RISK number (13 74 75) to complete the health check over the phone
  • Ask your GP if you are eligible to be referred to the program.

For more information please visit the My health for life website