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Recommissioning primary mental health services

Brisbane South PHN has engaged in an extensive consultation process with community members, service providers, consumers and their closest supporters and other key stakeholders to understand their journey through the health system. Through a co-design process, consumers, service providers and people outside of the health system have come together to understand the information collected, identify focus areas and refine ideas to implement within a new service model for Brisbane South PHN.

Collectively, these processes have assisted Brisbane South PHN to provide a clear direction for how our mental health, suicide prevention, and alcohol and other drug treatment services will be re-commissioned from July 2019.

We have found that the attitudes and behaviours of service providers matter to consumers as much as the type of service they receive. All new services will now be guided by a set of principles that have been designed by consumers, where the first question asked is “how can I help you?”

The new service model will focus on the person as the centre, surrounded by their natural supports and broader community supports.

The model will complement current services, recognising and building upon what is currently working within the system, and address service barriers to facilitate client access.

Brisbane South PHN will be working with service providers to implement this new service model from 1 July 2019. For current consumers of Brisbane South PHN programs, we will ensure that continuity of care is at the centre of any transition process that is implemented.

Should you have any questions about this project, please contact MHAOD@bsphn.org.au.

If you are feeling distressed or need immediate assistance, please refer to: