My Health Record – Amanda’s story

Simple, fast and a no-brainer” – Amanda Seeto, pharmacist

Amanda Seeto has worked as a pharmacist for the last 18 years. When she started the sign up process for My Health Record in December 2017, it didn’t take long for her to get online and see the benefits in her daily practice.

My Health Record equips pharmacists with information such as hospital discharge summaries to assist during transition of care when medication errors are most likely to occur.

For Amanda, this made things a lot easier when she didn’t receive a discharge summary through her “trusty, old fax machine”.

“I have been able to access not only a discharge summary of any medication changes for the packing patient, but also the full report from the hospital. I was able to share those changes with the GP who had also not received a discharge summary.”

She says that having access to additional information gave more context to the changes.

“We could see that his renal function had significantly declined which explained why the dose of one of his medications had been dropped, so that gave a broader picture of the situation.”

My Health Record assists Amanda to tailor advice to patients based on the health information she can now access.

“I’ve been able to view the medication history of an interstate patient who presented new scripts to a pharmacy for a number of chronic conditions. I viewed his My Health Record and realised they were all continuing medications.”

“That opened up a conversation and it turns out that he was staying on the Gold Coast for a bit longer than intended and was just renewing his scripts. I could see that they were all correct doses and continuing doses, so that changed my approach to how I counselled and finished off the dispensing for him.”

The My Health Record system also includes a section for allergies and adverse reactions, providing pharmacists with a more complete picture of their patients’ health.

“When dispensing antibiotics, especially for children, I’ll have a quick look at their My Health Record to see if there’s any history or known allergies. Recently, a new patient was a young boy with a history of antibiotics for recurrent ear infections, according to his My Health Record. ”

“Because I knew that the patient and the carer was familiar with the use of antibiotics, after confirming that it was still for an ear infection I could then focus my conversation around care, prevention and pain management as well.”

Amanda believes that pharmacy is a “very important contributor to My Health Record”.

“The dispensing of medications is obviously a key part of the patients’ health journey. Pharmacy really needs to contribute by adding those dispense records to complete the picture for patients.”

“I think the more pharmacies and health professionals that get on board and uploading will really add to the value of My Health Record for our patients, because that’s what it’s all about. It’s great for us to be able to access this information but it’s all to benefit the patients.”

If you don’t want a My Health Record, register your choice by visiting or calling 1800 723 471 by 31 January 2019.