My Health Record – Clint’s story

Easy, secure and up-to-date.

71-year-old Clint Ferndale has been in the health business for quite some time. He created a My Health Record in late 2017, because he figured it was “the way of the future”.

“Somebody my age has a medical record as long as your arm. There’s a lot of potential missing pieces of information that may be relevant to various things that happen in later life. And to have that all available in one place has got be a boon in terms of information and access.”

For Clint, My Health Record makes things easy.

“I found it easy to authorise various accesses or set up barriers to bar access. I think the whole thing is rather easy. I’m not a technocrat, I’m just a user.”

Clint is a firm believer that being able to access health information online is the “simplest and quickest way to do it”.

“You’ve got to get with the program. It’s obviously the best use at the moment of technology in order to facilitate primary care, which is the GP or various other providers in the community. It’s just a simple access on the net, and when you do a few clicks it’s available.”

He thinks that it’s beneficial for a wide range of people.

“Older people particularly, with long medical records and histories that often need to be researched by various providers. The other people that can benefit most from it is people who have to move around a lot, people who have to relocate for their job or just like moving around. So they change providers and it’s very easy then to pick up on the previous record. You don’t have to be as old as me for that to be a great asset.”

My Health Record allows health information to be shared with all providers you give access to. For Clint, it saves him having to repeat his medical history each time he goes somewhere new.

“I’m looking at relocating in the future, so the whole record can easily be accessed by a new GP. The process can become not only easier, but far more accurate and speedy. It can all be done at the touch of a button.”

He has a few tips for people who may not be sure about how My Health Record will benefit them.

“Give me a call and I’ll tell you all about it. Information can be easily accessed, sometimes through providers when you’re having a chat with them, but more particularly by having a look at the website.”

“The thing that people might have to do, is raise the matter with their GP or other service provider and encourage them to support getting their information uploaded quick smart.”

“The sooner people do it, the better off everyone’s going to be really.”

If you don’t want a My Health Record, register your choice by visiting or calling 1800 723 471 by 31 January 2019.