My Health Record – Sharon and Isaac’s story

“Efficient, easy, helpful. Everything’s just there.” – Isaac Knight

For Sharon Knight and her teenage son Isaac, the last few years haven’t been easy. In the span of 12 months, avid skateboarder Isaac was in and out of the hospital after getting a few bad scrapes and broken bones.

His first injury was “a fall up at Noosa, when he was at a skateboard meet”. As My Health Record had all his recent medical information on it, the process was a lot easier at the hospital when he arrived without his parents.

“He was with other parents at that one, and so the other mum ended up in the hospital with him up there. It was quite a bad graze on his elbow and they wanted to hospitalise him overnight, but I asked if they would let him come home we would make sure we went to our doctor on a daily basis to get the wound dressed.”

“So he had quite a lot of hospital and medical appointments after that, and then he had another skateboarding accident some months later where he actually broke his wrist and ended up having to go and have it pinned.”

Sharon and Isaac again faced the prospect of staying at hospital and attending a number of follow-up appointments. However, My Health Record made things swifter when they didn’t have to repeat their story.

“My Health Record became really beneficial for our doctors who could see very quickly what was happening by just having a look at his history. It had hospital discharge summaries for Isaac and medications that they had given him in hospital. When we were having our treatment and visiting follow ups with our doctor, he could see what the hospitals were doing and could administer treatment from his point of view based on what they were working on as well.”

For Sharon, My Health Record is also helpful in her day-to-day life.

“Fortunately I’m mostly quite well. But what it actually helps for from my point of view, is if I go to a pharmacy and I can’t remember what my prescription was or the dosage regime, they can look it up at the pharmacy now and let me know what is going on and whether my scripts are about to expire.”

She says that one of the best things about My Health Record is that your health information travels with you wherever you go.

“It follows me everywhere. If I’m going on holidays and I go to my doctor because something happens or I get a cold or flu, that medical centre can have a look at my history. It’ll show them what my allergies are, what my immunisation status is, what medications I’m on.”

“It’s important information at the click of a button, to help people make better choices about how they look after me or my family.”

My Health Record allows parents to act as authorised representatives on their children’s behalf. Sharon registered her children several years ago, after creating a My Health Record for herself and becoming familiar with the system.

Although Isaac still lives at home, he’s looking forward to turning 18 and moving out one day. With several years’ worth of data on his My Health Record, he thinks that it will help make the transition a smooth one.

“I might not be able to remember off the top of my head things from when I was younger but My Health Record will have all my history online and secure. After all my past injuries, if I go back to hospital and can’t answer questions it would all be on My Health Record.”

For Isaac, the benefits of My Health Record are clear.

“Everything’s positive and it will help you. I think it’s definitely something someone should have.”

If you don’t want a My Health Record, register your choice by visiting or calling 1800 723 471 by 31 January 2019.