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Clinical management

For the latest clinical information relating to COVID-19, see SpotOnHealth HealthPathways.

Clinical management

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SpotOnHealth HealthPathways

SpotOnHealth HealthPathways

SpotOnHealth HealthPathways provides clinicians in the greater Brisbane south catchment with web-based information outlining the assessment, management and referral of more than 550 conditions.

Regions using HealthPathways throughout Queensland have agreed to take a statewide approach to publishing up-to-date information related to the assessment and management of COVID-19. This will complement localised information for Brisbane south where possible. For more information designed to be used at point-of-care, see COVID-19 Assessment and Management on SpotOnHealth HealthPathways.

This webpage is updated daily by local GP Clinical Editors, reflecting emerging clinical advice from the  State Health Emergency Coordinating Committee.

The webpage contains:

  • information about the assessment and management of COVID-19 for treating GPs
  • information on PPE and where to get it
  • where to get testing, and how to notify suspect cases
  • practice guidance, including patient reception, management and cleaning afterwards
  • local service changes  – at Metro South Health in the first instance and eventually extending to Mater Health and Children’s Health Queensland).

Influenza immunisation is also updated and reflects the 2020 program details.


A username and password is required to access SpotOnHealth HealthPathways. If you are a clinician working in the Brisbane south, Redlands, Logan or the Scenic Rim catchments, request the username and password online, at or by telephone on 07 3156 4346 (Monday to Friday).

To arrange HealthPathways support for your practice, please email

Please also note, if you do not find what you expect to see on SpotOnHealth HealthPathways, or do not like what you see, edits can be arranged through the “Feedback” buttons located in every page.

SpotOnHealth HealthPathways is an initiative of Metro South Health and Brisbane South PHN, in partnership with Mater Health Services and Children’s Health Queensland. It is designed to be used at point of care primarily by general practitioners but is also available to specialists, nurses, allied health and other health professionals.


Electronic prescribing

As part of the COVID-19 National Health Plan electronic prescribing has been fast-tracked. Work to upgrade health care providers’ clinical software is underway and is expected to be ready by May 2020. More information is available here

In the meantime, here are some useful resources to share with your networks, providing information on issues such as PBS claiming arrangements, supply of medicine to patients, signing for receipts of a prescription, repeats and existing prescriptions.

Clarification about image-based prescriptions in Queensland
The Commonwealth arrangement states that a prescriber can send a clear copy of a prescription (a digital image such as a photo or PDF, including the barcode where applicable) to a patient’s pharmacy of choice via email, text message or fax.

To support this measure, an amendment has been made to Queensland’s legislation, the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 (HDPR) that:

  • enables a prescriber to send a digital image of a prescription to a dispenser; and
  • gives a temporary exemption from the requirement to send paper copies of prescriptions to dispensers, other than prescriptions for controlled (Schedule 8) drugs, restricted drugs of dependence (e.g. benzodiazepines) and anabolic steroids.

Prescribers who require to send a faxed copy or digital image of a prescription to a pharmacy must first create a paper prescription that meets all the requirements for a lawful prescription under the HDPR, including a signature.

Prescribers who have been acting in accordance with the PBS Special Arrangement since it came into effect on 26 March 2020, and have retained paper copies of prescriptions since that date, are taken to have complied with Queensland requirements for sending prescriptions to pharmacists and should continue to retain these prescriptions for a period of two years from the date the prescription is written.

Please see below documents for more information.


Clinical management resources

How patients use Healthdirect Video Call – a guide for your practice
Date of upload: 25 May 2020     Source: Brisbane South PHN

Quick guide for setting up Healthdirect in your practice
Date of upload: 25 May 2020     Source: Brisbane South PHN

Telehealth training for General Practitioners
Date of upload: 29 April 2020    Source: TrainIT Medical

Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 bulk billing incentives
Date of upload: 29 April 2020    Source: Australian Government Department of Health

Queensland Health resources for clinicians
Date of upload: 24 April 2020    Source: Queensland Health

MBS Online COVID-19 service updates
Date of upload: 20 April 2020    Source: MBS Online

Brisbane South PHN Mental Health Referral Service for GPs
Date of upload: 17 April 2020    Source: Brisbane South PHN

GP assessment and management of COVID-19 (guidelines)
Date of upload: 17 April 2020    Source: Clinical Excellence Queensland

Management of patients with suspected mild COVID-19
Date of upload: 16 April 2020    Source: National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce

Assessment for suspected COVID-19
Date of upload: 16 April 2020     Source: National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce

Notification of a suspected COVID-19 case (fax form)
Date of upload: 18 March 2020    Source: Queensland Health

General Practitioner COVID-19 protocol – testing, isolating and social distancing
Date of upload: 11 March 2020     Source: Brisbane South PHN