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Education presentations and recordings: Information included in the presentations and recordings is accurate as at the date of the presentation and recording

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Conversations with patients to support positive health-behaviour change – 21 July 2020
Doctors’ Health: What GPs need to know – 24 June 2020Click here to view resources
Immunisation Update – changes to the National Immunisation Program schedule – 23 June 2020Click here to view resource 1 of 2
Click here to view resource 2 of 2
Support physical health during mental health challenges – 22 June 2020
Managing Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM): challenges for health professionals – 18 June 2020
Initiation of insulin in type 2 diabetes – 4 June 2020
Is your RACF really ready for a COVID-19 Outbreak? Practice Actions and Scenario Testing? – 2 June 2020
Introduction to evidence-based health eating – 28 May 2020
Technology and how it assists with diabetes management – 14 May 2020
COVID-19 Update for Primary Care – 13 May 2020
The pharmacology of non-insulin medication in type 2 diabetes – 7 May 2020
COVID-19 update for RACFs and visiting GPs – Session 2 – 29 April 2020
COVID-19 update for RACFs and visiting GPs – Session 1 – 16 April 2020

Enhancing your practice – 29 February 2020
Immunisation update
Diabetes – preparing your practice
Detecting and managing chronic kidney disease
Integrated chronic disease nurse practitioners
Communicating across cultures
Aged care masterclass – who, what and how
Mental health and the lifespan
Cardiovascular disease – teachable moments in primary care
Person-Centred Care
Who cares for you?

Wuhan Coronavirus Education Session – 5 February 2020
This information was recorded on the 5 February 2020 and is accurate as of the time of recording. For the most current information please see or Brisbane South PHN Latest News

Wuhan Coronavirus Education Session presentation – please click here


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness training

  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) online Indigenous health education activity ‘Introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness in General Practices’ at
  • The Institute of Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) provides face-to-face accredited cultural awareness training. To participate in cultural awareness training, or to learn more about the Practice Incentive Payment Indigenous Health Incentive, please contact the IUIH team on 07 3648 9500.
Maternity Shared Care

About Maternity Shared Care Seminars
Brisbane South PHN is working in partnership with Mater Health and Metro South Health Services to conduct GP training seminars throughout the year.

Maternity Shared Care Training dates –  2020Note: For alignment to Mater hospital, GPs also need to complete online bridging course. For further info on Mater profesional development courses click here.

About maternity education workshops
Brisbane South PHN, in partnership with Metro South Health delivers training seminars (AM1) for GPs to provide shared antenatal care at Beaudesert, Logan and Redland Hospitals. If GPs require to deliver shared care with Mater Mothers and other hospitals, then they need to complete an online bridging program module (maximum 30 minutes).

Topics covered

  • models of care and referral pathways
  • first trimester screening
  • mental health and pregnancy
  • obesity in pregnancy
  • diabetes in pregnancy
  • fetal anomaly screening
  • physiotherapy in pregnancy
  • physiotherapy in pregnancy
  • pharmacology in pregnancy
  • neonatal examination

There is no cost to attend.

Who is eligible
All GPs, Obstetricians and Midwives practicing within the Brisbane South PHN region, are invited to register. For more information please contact Brisbane South PHN on email or For further information about the Mater Maternity shared care trainings, please contact the program administrator on 07 3163 1500 or

Brisbane South PHN whole-of-region summary May 2020
Pregnancy Checklist June 2020
Brisbane south PHN Seminar AM1 June 2019 Logan/ Beaudesert Hospitals – training slides