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Enhancing health outcomes together: Children’s Health Queensland and Brisbane South PHN’s latest partnership pact

Two men smiling in suits jointly hold the printed Engagement Protocol document.

Image: Children’s Hospital Queensland CEO, Frank Tracey (left) and Brisbane South PHN CEO, Mike Bosel (right)

On 18 September 2023, Brisbane South PHN and Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) signed their latest Engagement Protocol, reaffirming their partnership and shared commitment to improving health and wellbeing outcomes in the region.

Mike Bosel, CEO of Brisbane South PHN, welcomed the renewed Engagement Protocol, expressing his enthusiasm for this important cooperative effort.
‘Our partnership with CHQ is grounded in a shared belief in integrated, person-centred care for improved health outcomes. Together, we’re not just shaping better health care; we’re co-creating it with our local communities.’

‘This Engagement Protocol underscores our commitment to fostering collaboration across our health system to deliver high-quality, coordinated care to our region,’ said Mike.

The collaboration between CHQ and Brisbane South PHN is not just symbolic; it’s about making real impacts for positive change. Their collective efforts are focused on fostering positive adaptations, increasing community engagement, and leading meaningful reforms within the health care system.

At the heart of this partnership is the Engagement Protocol Schedule, which establishes a unified and coordinated approach to delivering healthcare services in the Brisbane south region. The signing of the Engagement Protocol Schedule is not just a formality; it reflects both organisations’ commitment to meeting performance benchmarks set by State and National authorities, ensuring accountability and quality in the sector.

To achieve this, Brisbane South PHN and CHQ continue to identify and prioritise the unique healthcare needs of the local population. By sharing de-identified data and local area knowledge, the organisations enhance their decision-making abilities and explore innovative methods of service delivery to efficiently address current and future health care demands.

Equally, the shared goal to improve care coordination between primary and tertiary health systems remains a key focus of this partnership. Brisbane South PHN and CHQ continue to engage with clinicians, community groups, and health and community service providers to ensure healthcare programs and initiatives align with the needs and preferences of the local population.

Brisbane South PHN takes pride in its continued work with Children’s Health Queensland, aiming to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for all people in Brisbane’s south through this strategic alliance.

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