19 Jul 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



2023 Changes to the NIP: A New Paediatric Solution – Multiple Dates

This webinar will be delivered to support the first changes to the National Immunisation Program (NIP) since 2020. With a new hexavalent vaccine listed on the NIP for paediatric patients it is clear we need to share awareness of the two different solutions that offer the protection needed in little ones in Australia, and provide clear direction on what is available to remove confusion in the market as early as possible. The new product has been made available on the NIP as of 1 July,  and we hope that delivering these in webinars over the next month will hopefully be able to address early concerns that Immunisation Providers may have.

This webinar will share information about the specific changes to the NIP, this new product solution and its features, advice on managing multiple hexavalent options, and how this will impact you as Immunisation Practitioners in Australia. During this webinar, Benchmarque Group Trainer and Nurse Practitioner Nadine Henare will present on:

  • Changes in the NIP
  • Details on the new hexavalent vaccine
  • Indication and Administration
  • Safety & Co-administration
  • Key Product Features
  • Product Availability
  • Available educational materials.

The webinar will be available on three different dates, live and the with same content, to ensure that Immunisation providers across Australia can access information around this important change.

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