10 Oct 2023


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Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy (MIT) for Personality Disorders

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Metacognitive Interpersonal Therapy (MIT) for personality
disorders is an empirically supported treatment for
personality disorders and other severe conditions. It is
based on a structured and manualized set of procedures
aimed at guiding the clinicians’ therapeutic engagement
and treatment from the very first session to the conclusion
of treatment. MIT adopts a series of techniques in order to
deal with symptoms, promote awareness of maladaptive
interpersonal schemas, change them and promote healthier
and richer social functioning. This is delivered within a
structured framework.

A major focus of this workshop will be on assessing and
reconstructing maladaptive interpersonal schemas.
Procedures are described for how to first enrich the
repertoire of clients’ autobiographical memories, which are
the basis for understanding maladaptive interpersonal

Venue for Face2Face: 
Robertson Gardens Musgrave Room 281 Kessels Rd, Nathan Brisbane QLD

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