03 Aug 2022


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Multimorbidity webinar series: Polypharmacy, adjusting doses, drug burden index

For the last of the Multimorbidity Webinar series, Dr Justin Coleman (General Practitioner, Inala Indigenous Health Service) will talk about “Polypharmacy, adjusting doses, drug burden index” in the context of multimorbidity with Emeritus Professor Mieke van Driel (General Practice Clinical Unit, The University of Queensland) to chair the discussions.

According to a survey conducted by In Vivo Academy among its GP members, the most common challenges they face when managing patient with multimorbidity are prioritising treatment, drug interactions associated with polypharmacy and patient adherence to treatment. If you experience the same challenges, attend this webinar to learn more about managing multimorbidity while addressing polypharmacy.

Register now for this meeting by going to this link:

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