08 Jun 2023


Melbourne Time
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



New cancer therapies and Voluntary Assisted Dying for GPs

This session is part of the GP Cancer Education Webinar Series and is endorsed with CPD points

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New and current cancer therapies – traditional chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy including:

  • an overview of how they work
  • how they are given
  • how patients are selected for treatment
  • cancer types for which new treatments have made the biggest impact on prognosis
  • common side effects seen in the community setting

other considerations, such as vaccination recommendations and potential drug interactions

Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD)

  • summary of eligibility criteria and access to the program to date
  • considerations when responding if a person asks about VAD
  • how and where to refer
  • how to get involved to the level you feel comfortable, including what training is required if you wish to provide VAD assessments

If you are experiencing difficulty registering, please call NWMPHN on 03 9347 1188 or email:

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