18 Oct 2023


9:00 am - 4:30 pm



Wound Management: Advanced Practice

Value for Organisations
This learning pathway for students covers Foundations and Advanced Principles of wound assessment and care, identifying appropriate wound treatment and best practice for compliance in wound swab culture. This pathway enables clinical documentation and report writing with a guide to deliver patient education for continued care and chronic wound prevention.

Learning Outcomes

  • Accurately identify wound types
  • Apply appropriate wound assessment methods to clinical practice
  • Identify chronic wound features and associated clinical features including interpretation of wound terminology
  • Identify and perform appropriate wound cleansing and debridement methods
  • Obtain a compliant wound swab culture using best practice methods
  • Make informed appropriate choices of wound dressings based on accurate wound assessment
  • Use appropriate documentation and report writing methods to provide patient education, and consistent and ongoing care.#wound

Cost  $350 (inc GST) $445 for pathway

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