My health for life – allied health

My health for life (MH4L) is a free, evidence-based behaviour modification program for patients at high-risk of developing a chronic disease. The program includes six sessions over six months, with ongoing maintenance after the program has finished. Both phone coaching and face-to-face group programs are available, delivered by qualified health professionals who have been trained as MH4L facilitators.

Allied health professionals play a vital role in providing health care information to patients every day. For patients that can’t afford to see an allied health professional for preventive care and advice (as there is no MBS item for this) the MH4L program is a fantastic option for them. MH4L works in partnership with primary health care professionals and is a practical extension of the advice given by allied health professionals to their patients; allowing participants to better understand their lifestyle risks and action their health goals. The program works alongside any existing therapies or programs the patient is involved in, focussing on motivation and social support.

For more information about the program content please visit the website.


Please refer to the patient eligibility flowchart.

Allied health professionals can provide patients with MH4L promotional resources, and patients can then self-refer via the website or phone 13 RISK.

Patients that self-refer into the program will require GP consent if they have any of the following: pregnant, mental health issue, current acute illness (i.e. cancer), surgery within the last 12 months, high blood pressure either >160 systolic or >100 diastolic.

All referrals are reviewed by the 13 RISK call centre. Eligible participants are allocated to phone or groups based on their preferences (time, location, space available in local groups).

Have a question?

Contact your Brisbane South PHN Area Account Manager or contact MH4L directly by phone 13 RISK number (13 74 75) or visit the website here.