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New! One-click access to patient history in AIR from GP software

General Practices using Best Practice or MedicalDirector practice software now have the option to view and import individual patient Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) records to their patient file. With one-click, Practices can streamline processes for immunisation and patient reminders. Read on to learn more about how to set this up for your Practice.

Improve your practice immunisation processes with AIR integration

This new feature can help your Practice to: 

  • access up-to-date immunisation lists 
  • save patient immunisation history to practice file 
  • ensure patients don’t receive duplicate or wrong immunisations 
  • assist with patient reminder lists. 

Instructions on how to set up these features are available from Best Practice, MedicalDirector and Services Australia.  

New AIR integration features for your practice

After you have linked your practice software with AIR, you will have access to the following useful functions, amongst many more:   

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Status
  • additional vaccines required  
  • natural immunity  
  • medical contraindication  
  • immunisation history  
To improve your influenza PIP QI measures, the patient must have their vaccine recorded in the practice software (regardless of where it was given). If you download the influenza vaccine from AIR records, it will be saved in the patient’s file as “not given here”.  


Contact the Quality Improvement team at for assistance or to find out how to use this as an activity to assist with accreditation requirements.   

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