QI for your practice

Last updated 12 February 2024
QI for your practice

The Federal Government’s Practice Incentive Program (PIP) encourages general practices to provide quality care, build and enhance their clinical capacity and improve accessibility and health outcomes for patients through a range of incentives.

The PIP Quality Improvement (PIP QI) incentive is a quarterly payment given to practices to undertake and provide evidence of continuous QI by:

  • providing the PIP Eligible Data Set (de-identified data) to their Primary Health Network (PHN)

  • participate in QI activities provided by their PHN that address any of the 10 specified improvement measures or directly meet the needs of their practice population.

What is Quality Improvement?

Why complete QI?

PIP QI measures

Practice readiness for PIP QI

Practice PIP QI checklist

Providing de-identified data

Primary Health Insights