My Health Record

What is the My Health Record?

The Federal Government announced in the 2017 Budget a commitment to continue to expand the My Health Record system. In 2019, every Australian will have a My Health Record unless they choose not to have one.

Through the My Health Record system you will access timely information about your patients such as shared health summaries, discharge summaries, prescription and dispense records, pathology reports and diagnostic imaging reports.

The My Health Record website has information for healthcare professionals on how to register and set-up your practice to the system, how to view and upload information, how to support consumers with questions about privacy and security and a range of tools and training modules. Please visit to learn more.

For My Health Record information and support contact the Digital Health team via email or phone 1300 467 265.

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What information is stored within the My Health Record?

The information stored in a My Health Record can include:

  • Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme information
  • Organ Donor decisions
  • Immunisations that are included in the Australian Immunisation Register.
  • Clinical documents added by healthcare providers including:
    • Shared Health Summaries
    • Event summaries
    • Hospital discharge summaries
    • Prescription records
    • Specialist and referral documents
    • Pathology and diagnosis imaging reports (Available in QLD in 2018)
  • Personal health notes written by individuals including:
    • Contact numbers and emergency contact details
    • Current medications
    • Allergy information and any previous adverse reactions
    • Indigenous status
    • Veteran or Australian Defence Force status
    • Living will or advance care planning documents
    • Child growth developments
What are the benefits of My Health Record?

The key benefits of the My Health Record system are:

  • avoiding adverse drug events
  • enhanced patient self-management
  • improvements in patient outcomes
  • reducing time gathering information
  • avoiding duplication of services

The My Health Record website also has information regarding young people taking control of their own My Health Record. A person aged 14-17 years of age can take control of their own My Health Record. The Australian Digital Health Agency have created two fact sheets for 14-17 year olds:

A young person under the age of 14 can take control of their record, they will need to provide a letter from a healthcare provider or a court stating that they are a ‘mature minor’ who can manage their own health. For more information please click here or phone the My Health Record helpline 1800 723 471. Read more about the My Health Record benefits:

What security and access controls does My Health Record have?

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), as the system operator, is responsible for the security of the My Health Record system. They have in place a comprehensive set of people, processes, and technology controls to protect health records from a cyber-attack. Download Digital Health Cyber Security Centre presentation for more information.

Accessing and uploading to a My Health Record:

A My Health Record can be accessed by any registered healthcare providers involved in the care of a patient. In registering for a My Health Record, patients provide standing consent for all healthcare organisations involved in their care to view and upload clinical information to their record. When uploading a new Shared Health Summary it is important that the patients consent is obtained. Although it is not legally required to obtain consent when uploading other document types, it is good medical practice to advise a patient when information is uploaded to their My Health Record. The My Health Record legislation does not prevent a healthcare provider from accessing and viewing an individual’s My Health Record outside of a consultation provided that access is for the purpose of providing healthcare to the individual.

Individual access control:

Individuals control which healthcare organisations can access the information in their My Health Record by enabling advanced privacy controls. Individuals can limit access to their entire record or to some documents using an access code. In an emergency, a provider can assert the emergency access functionality which will override the existing access controls for a specified period.

For more information see privacy and security for providers or My Health Record privacy policy.

Download My Health Record Security fact sheet

Registering to access My Health Record as a Healthcare Organisation

The registration process for accessing the My Health Record system is available through Health Professionals Online Service (HPOS). Before using this registration process, you will need to have a PRODA account. If you are not already registered for PRODA you can register by clicking here. Registration to the My Health Record system is also required to access a patient’s My Health Record. Compliance with a range of obligations is required when participating in the My Health Record system, as set out under the My Health Records Act 2012 , the My Health Records Regulation 2012 and the My Health Records Rule 2016. This includes having a policy in place that addresses certain matters, such as security measures and training of staff. Download a sample policy that can be adjusted and implemented within the organisation. Once you are registered with the My Health Record system there are a couple of steps you will need to complete in order to access and use the system. All healthcare providers and organisations will need to have the following:

  1. Healthcare Provider Identifier for Organisations, more commonly referred to as: HPI-O.
    • The HPI-O is a unique 16 digital number used to identify organisations which deliver healthcare in Australia. To be eligible for a HPI-O the organisation must provide health-related services and employ an identified healthcare provider. For more information and to complete registration please click here.
  2. Healthcare Provider Identifier for Individual, more commonly known referred to as: HPI–I.
    • The HPI-I identifies an individual healthcare provider who provides healthcare, such as general practitioners, allied health professionals, specialists, nurses, dentists and pharmacists, among others. The health care provider will need to input their HPI-I into conformant software to access a patients My Health Record. The HPI-I can be obtained through AHPRA by calling 1300 419 495.

Accessing through PRODA

If yourself or your organisation will be accessing the My Health Record system through PRODA and not using conformant software you can click here for detailed steps on how to complete the set up.

Using conformant software

If the organisation is using conformant software to access My Health Record there are critical steps that need to be completed to ensure set up is complete. The Australian Digital Health Agency have provided detailed steps on what information you will receive, how to set up and access once registration has been successful, please click here to find out more information. Individual software vendors are able to provide support in the setup of the My Health Record. Please call your vendor for more information.

The Digital Health team can also provide support in relation to the set up and registration of My Health Record. Please email or phone 1300 467 265 for more information or to lock in a training and education session.

Accessing and uploading documents

The My Health Record website is equipped with resources to assist in the implementation and interaction of the My Health Record system. Please click the below link as they are relevant:

For quick access to clinical software summary sheets for Genie, Medical Director, Best Practice, Zedmed, Communicare, and MedTech32 click here.

Alternatively, if you are accessing My Health Record via the Provider Portal use this handy how to guide.

The Brisbane South PHN My Health Record team can provide in practice training and support. Please email or phone 1300 467 265 for more information or to lock in an education session.

Training and promotional resources

Access to training and promotional resources is available through the Australian Digital Health Agency website.

Self-paced training for providers

These self-paced training modules introduce the key principles which will underpin use of the My Health Record system and demonstrate its features and functionalities. The training covers a range of topics and includes specific modules for general practice, community pharmacy, hospitals, specialists, allied health and residential aged care.

On Demand Training- Simulated test environment

On Demand Training is an online platform that allows users to simulate the use of My Health Record in their clinical software using a fictional patient and General Practitioner log in.

There are a number of software simulators available through On Demand Training including: Best Practice, Communicare, Fred Dispense, Genie, Medical Director and ZedMed.

The On Demand Training platform also provides a simulation of the My Health Record Consumer Portal. This system simulates the look and functionality of a consumer’s view of the My Health Record system for a fictitious patient, and replicates many of the functions with which consumers may interact.

Promotional Resources: There are a number of promotional resources for health care professionals and consumers that can be used to inform consumers about My Health Record.

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