My Health Record – Paul’s story

“Easy, valuable and reliable” – Paul Jaffar, pharmacist

Throughout Brisbane south pharmacist Paul’s 12 year career, he has seen the considerable impact digital resources can have on his daily practice. He believes that My Health Record is helping health professionals “have a more integrated and collaborative approach to health care moving into the future”.

“When we previously needed information for our patients, we had to make phone calls to doctors, hospitals and other health professionals.”

“Now having access to all of that information, should we need it, is a major step forward for our profession.”

My Health Record first benefited Paul when he was helping a patient recently discharged from hospital.

“I needed a hospital discharge summary in order to help a patient with their dose administration aid.”

“When patients are discharged from hospital quite often there are changes to their medications, and it’s terrific to be able to have access to this information if needed on their My Health Record.”

My Health Record equips pharmacists with a patient’s key health information, reducing time spent gathering information from multiple sources.

“As a profession, we have always been at the forefront of embracing technology, and My Health Record is a great opportunity for us to take another step forward in utilising technology to improve health outcomes for our patients.”

“It allows pharmacists to be able to do their job easier, and not have to spend time chasing up vital health information that we need to make clinical decisions.”

For Paul, the My Health Record system fits seamlessly within his workflow.

“There is no extra step or work needed to be done by the pharmacist, the integration is very seamless and I think that is one of the clear benefits.”

He recommends My Health Record for all community pharmacies.

“Community pharmacies have been evolving over time into true health care destinations, providing not only prescriptions but a wide range of critical health care services to patients.”

“Having the My Health Record is another step forward for our profession in allowing us to deliver the best possible service to our patients.”