Person Centred Care in general practice

Across Australia and internationally general practices are working to adopt innovative models of care delivery to enhance the quality of care provided to patients by becoming Patient Centred Medical Homes (PCMH), a model that is supported by the RACGP.

Brisbane South PHNs Person Centred Care program is working in partnership with interested practices in targeted geographic locations to adopt and implement a PCMH model approach to care. The program is working to transform primary care in our region by building the capacity and capability of practices to increasingly deliver care that is:

  • person centred
  • comprehensive
  • coordinated
  • accessible
  • safe and of high quality
  • accountable and transparent.


From 2020 Brisbane South PHN is delivering a new and exciting Person-Centred Care Practice Initiative that builds on learnings from the Person-Centred Collaborative Care Practices Program which concluded in October 2019.

This Initiative supports practices at any stage of their journey to become more Person-Centred through activities or structured programs.  This support has been designed to enhance practices ability to meet requirements of RACGP accreditation, and the Practice Incentive Payment for Quality Improvement (PIP QI).

The Initiative has objectives and outcomes that are aligned with the quadruple aim of healthcare:

Watch this video and hear one of our Person Centred Care practices tell you about the journey they have had so far on the program.

Person-Centred Care Practice programs

Person-Centred Care Practice Programs support general practices to build their practice team, make the practice more sustainable, and improve outcomes for patients. The programs have also been designed to support practices to meet requirements of RACGP accreditation, and the Practice Incentive Payment for Quality Improvement (PIP QI).

Each program engages general practices enrolled in the program to focus on incorporating three Patient Centred Medical Home Change Concepts into their practice through support activities, online modules, workshops, webinars and coaching.

The Person-Centred Care Practice Programs are time-limited structured programs. There are two Person-Centred Care Practice Programs:

  • People, Leadership and Teams
  • Optimal Care and Quality Improvement.

For more information regarding the programs please view our Person-Centred Care practice Programs Overview and FAQs’ document.

If you would like more information please email or to complete an expression of interest please click here.

Watch the video below to meet the AGPAL facilitators and take a look at the exciting opportunities that come with being apart of the Person-Centred Care Programs.

Person-Centred Care Practice activities

Person-Centred Care Practice Activities are designed to support practices through a range of different resources and materials. Below is a list of the activities that are delivered under the Person-Centred Care Practice Initiative:

  • Person-Centered Care – Practice Assessment
  • Person-Centered Care Toolkit: from principles to practice
  • Online practice plans
  • Benchmark reports (CAT4)
  • Quality improvement toolkits
  • PenCS Software Suite and data tools
  • PREMS – Happy or Not
  • Health literacy – GoShare
  • Train IT QI resource library.

The level of engagement with these activities will be dependent on your engagement in the programs. A practice can engage in a number of activities without being in the program. If you would like more information or to be involved in the above activities please email or for interest in the programs please complete an expression of interest.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting opportunity and how we can support your practice please contact the Person-Centred Care team or phone: 07 3864 7555.






Pictured above:What are person centred care practices?