Person Centred Care

What is person centred care?

Person-Centred Care is Brisbane South PHN’s model for integrated person-centred approaches to health and wellbeing in our region. It is a way of putting people at the centre of their care to provide tailored and coordinated health care that is respectful and responsive to their needs, preferences and values. Person-Centred Care is an approach that involves the entire health care system, providing integrated care that is patient centred, seamless and well supported by technology and systems to achieve better patient outcomes.

Brisbane South PHN has started the Person-Centred Care journey by working with general practices through the Person-Centred Care Practice Initiative. The initiative and programs have been developed using international best practice to transform practices towards a more effective model of care delivery. For more information on how the Brisbane South PHN can support your general practice please click here.

Brisbane South PHN have also commissioned an innovative person-centred Care Coordination Service for adults with chronic disease in the Logan region. This service works closely with patients and their primary care team, connects people to social supports and empowers people to stay healthy in the community by improving their self-efficacy and health literacy. The service is delivered by Footprints in Brisbane and is partnering with a number of identified general practices.

To monitor and measure results of our person-centred care initiatives, Brisbane South PHN have developed the Person-Centred Care model and Initiatives Evaluation Framework. This document was prepared in partnership with Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association.