Practice Nurse Support Program

The Brisbane South PHN Practice Nurse Support Program provides support to new, returning or transitioning nurses working in general practice in the Brisbane South PHN region for less than 12 months. The aim is to up-skill the practice nurse workforce, leading to improved patient wellbeing through prevention, early intervention and self-management of chronic conditions and a reduced burden on acute care.

The Brisbane South PHN Practice Nurse Support Program includes:

  • providing opportunities to increase knowledge and skills through
    • access to continuing professional development activities tailored to general practice nurse roles
    • in-practice support and mentoring
    • competency based resources and information
  • assisting with implementing and/or enhancing practice systems that promote health screening activities
  • promoting best practice to improve patient outcomes.

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Practice Nurse Coordinator


Michelle Gordon

T: 07 3864 7528



Immunisation resources

Australian Immunisation Register forms:




Immunisation in the general practice setting

The Australian Government immunisation program page details the Australian program. It aims to increase national immunisation rates by funding free vaccination programs, administering the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register and communicating information about immunisation to the general public and health professionals.

The Australian Immunisation Handbook provides clinical advice for health professionals on the safest and most effective use of vaccines in their practice.

Information for health professionals on the myths and realities that surround immunisation Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996, chapter 3 and Appendix 9 are important

Aims of immunisation national policy and the national immunisation schedule

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is Australia’s leading expert body promoting the development and maintenance of public and individual health standards.

Australian Government Department of Health website gives an overview of federally initiatied programs and campaigns 

Current National Immunisation Program Schedule

No Jab, No Pay

The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) provide further immunisation information NCIRS fact sheets align with the most up-to-date advice on the use of vaccines in Australia. These include:

  • Varicella-zoster (chickenpox) vaccines for Australian children
  • Zoster vaccine for Australian adults
  • Meningococcal vaccines for Australians
  • Pertussis vaccines for Australians
  • Influenza vaccines for Australians
  • Hepatitis B vaccines for Australians.

Click here for more important information on the Queensland Immunisation Programs.

Vaccine preventable diseases

Information about the 16 vaccine preventable diseases the National Immunisation Program Schedule vaccinates against

Informed consent

Your guide to Understanding Childhood Immunisation

The Australian Immunisation Handbook has a section on consent

Immunisation techniques and procedures

Administration of vaccines – how to identify sites and use the correct techniques to administer vaccines for infants, children and adults

Pre-vaccination checklist

Post vaccination management

The Australian Immunisation Handbook 10th Edition 2013 has a section on post vaccination management

Common adverse reactions

Most vaccine adverse events are minor. Common adverse events are injection site reactions.

Management of emergencies such as anaphylaxis

The Australian Immunisation Handbook 10th Edition 2013 has a section how to manage adverse events following immunisation.
View the NCIRS factsheet.

Data management

Australian Immunisation Register

Vaccination Information and Vaccination Administration System (VIVAS)

The Australian Government Department of Health has a section on immunisation coverage data in Australia

The Department of Health, Immunisation Program has produced an Immunisation records and data explained: a guide for service providers. The guide can be used for: training new staff or updating current staff, answering frequently asked questions about immunisation record keeping, and troubleshooting immunisation data issues.

Vaccine management (cold chain)

National Vaccine Storage Guidelines – Strive for 5 – 2nd edition

Benefits of immunisation (parent information resources)

Information for nurses

Scope of practice and Professional Standards

Immunisation education events

Metro South Public Health Unit Immunisation Update

Metro South Public Health Unit Childhood Immunisation Catch up education for beginners

Nurse Immunisation courses

Australian Catholic University

University of Southern Queensland

Cunningham Centre – courses are available for nurses not employed by Queensland health. Please contact the Course Coordinator for further information –

APNA (Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association)