Child, youth and family

Brisbane South PHN has identified child and youth health and wellbeing as a key priority area for commissioning and integration initiatives with our partners.

With rates of developmentally vulnerable children higher in this region compared to the national average, the Child, Youth and Family team is working with partners and the community to improve child health and development as well addressing primary health issues impacting on family wellbeing

This is being achieved through universal support, regional and place-based responses as below.

Thriving and On Track

The Thriving and On Track (TOTs) project is a collaborative initiative between Children’s Health Queensland, Education Queensland, Brisbane South Primary Health Network (PHN), Logan Together, Head Start Queensland and the Benevolent Society. The project aims to increase access for children in targeted locations to developmental screening and early intervention services. The Thriving and On Track model aims to increase the number of children completing child development checks between 2.5 and 3.5 years of age. Child development checks are offered in early childhood education centres in target locations. Families are supported to access early intervention services when required. Timely access to developmental screening and support services has the potential to improve lifelong outcomes.

As part of the TOTs project Brisbane South PHN aim to support GPs through building capacity to complete child development assessments and refer to local support services. This will be flexibly supported through building Communities of Practice and offering professional development opportunities.

How the PHN can support General Practitioners:

  • SpotOnHealth HealthPathway for child development issues
  • support GPs’ knowledge and understanding of child development referral pathways through education and peer support events
  • facilitate comprehensive health assessments for children in the early years
  • facilitate integrated response and communication between health agencies.

How GPs and practice staff can be involved:

  • facilitate referral to specialist services and community organisations for additional therapy support
  • participate in a Community of Practice aimed at improving clinical case coordination, integration and knowledge of child development concerns

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Children and Young People in Care

The ‘Strengthening health assessment response for children and young people in care’ is a Queensland-wide project aimed at improving both the child safety and health sector responses to the needs of young people in care. Funded by the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, PHNs across the state, alongside child safety service centres, are leading this system reform at a local level.

What it is we want to achieve:

  1. Improve access, timeliness and quality of health assessments for children entering care.
  2. Improve general practice/primary health/specialist staff knowledge and understanding about working with children in care, particularly the National Clinical Assessment Framework.
  3. Improve primary health/child safety integration and case coordination.

How the PHN can support General Practitioners:

  • age-based health assessment templates and screening tools
  • case conference and health management plan template
  • SpotOnHealth HealthPathway for children and young people in care
  • support from a passionate group of health and child safety professionals
  • training, education and peer support opportunities on working with children in care and trauma-informed practice
  • advocating for MBS Item numbers dedicated to health assessments for children in care.

How GPs and practice staff can be involved:

  • provide health assessments for children in care with support, and/or
  • participate in a Community of Practice aimed at improving clinical case-coordination, integration and knowledge of working with children in care.

For more information, contact April Turner at or on 3864 7583.