Child and youth health and wellbeing

Brisbane South PHN recognises that child health is a key priority issue, with rates of developmentally vulnerable children higher in this region compared to the national average.

The objective of these programs is to integrate development and wellbeing services that support the early years sector and youth sector, including the education workforce, primary health care professionals and families, to improve child health and wellbeing outcomes.

This section details the initiatives commissioned by Brisbane South PHN that focus on the delivery of developmental screening, early identification, early intervention and clinical therapy for children.

The Early Years Development Program

The Early Years Development Program

The Early Years Development Program has been designed to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for children by strengthening the relationship between the health and education sectors. This program aims to enhance the understanding and awareness of the Early Years sector in child development milestones, how to recognise children who may not be developing normally, and learn how to engage with parents. It also aims to remove some of the traditional barriers to accessing developmental services by supporting coordinated, family-centered interventions and targeted services.

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