Program specific resources

The Brisbane South PHN Aged Care Workforce Development program aims to enhance workforce capability in RACFs to improve health and wellbeing of residents through provision of high quality education services that enables an appropriately skilled and knowledgeable health workforce.

Aged care workforce capability was strongly highlighted at the Brisbane South PHN Aged Care Summit held in January 2016 as a key contributor to current rates of unnecessary transfers and treatment uncertainty within residential aged care facilities (RACFs).

Brisbane South PHN aims to improve the workforce confidence, capability and satisfaction of RACF employees, and assist with retention issues faced in the aged care sector by:

  • assessing workforce skill, capacity and training needs across the region by RACF
  • developing/sourcing levels of training and education to address needs, using a delivery approach that suits RACF environments
  • improving communication between all levels of healthcare
  • forecasting future education requirements
  • promoting a change of practice that improves patient outcomes and a reduction in unnecessary hospital transfers.