GP information

From 1 July, a Brisbane South PHN Mental Health Referral Service will be established to assist GPs to link to Brisbane South PHN commissioned mental health services. Operated by Wesley Mission Queensland, GPs will be able to contact the Referral Service on 07 3717 7070 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm to discuss queries and/or if preferred, can refer directly to service providers.

To make a GP referral:

  1. complete the Brisbane South PHN Mental Health Referral Service form’ — the form is available as a fillable PDF or for upload to practice management software via the Brisbane South PHN website.
  2. send the referral form using secure messaging via Medical Objects, or fax
  3. the Brisbane South PHN Mental Health Referral Service team will determine the best pathway for support through PHN-commissioned services or provide alternate options based on the referral information provided
  4. Referral Service staff will inform the GP on the determination and allocation of the referral to the identified support pathway
  5. the PHN-commissioned service provider will make contact with the individual to undertake an assessment and confirm eligibility, then inform the referring GP of the outcome.