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Cold and flu? Know what to do?

If you are in a medical emergency, phone 000 for immediate assistance.

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Cold and flu? Know what to do?

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Respiratory and vaccination clinics

For people in the Brisbane south region who have cold or flu symptoms or think they may have COVID-19, there are six respiratory clinics open for testing in Annerley, Alexandra Hills, Logan Central, North Stradbroke Island, Slacks Creek and South Bank.

Some respiratory clinics also provide COVID-19 vaccination. Check the vaccine eligibility checker find out when it might be your turn to get vaccinated.

The clinics are free for everyone, even if you do not have a Medicare card.

To make an online booking click here or contact one of the clinics directly for more information.

Other testing clinics can be found on the Queensland Government website, here.


Clinic locations

Not sure where to go? Check out this map to find your local clinic.

If you live outside of the Brisbane south area, please visit the Australian Government Department of Health website to find a clinic near you.


Frequently asked questions

Q: When should I go to a clinic?

A: You should make an appointment at one of the clinics if you have:

  • a fever OR cough OR sore throat OR difficulty breathing OR runny nose OR tiredness


  • if you think you have COVID-19 OR are around someone with COVID-19 OR someone who did have COVID-19.

These clinics test for illnesses like the flu, pneumonia and COVID-19. They can give you a prescription and refer you to your regular doctor (GP), if you have one.

As a temporary measure to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Queensland, you can also get tested at a clinic even if you don’t have cold and flu symptoms, until 12 April 2021.

Not sure if you have been around someone with COVID-19? Check the Queensland Government website to keep up-to-date with the latest contact tracing information. If you have been to any of the locations listed, get tested immediately and follow the official public health advice.

If you are having a medical emergency, phone 000 for immediate assistance.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

A: Yes. You can make an appointment online by clicking here. If you would like to speak with someone at the clinic, click on the phone number below:

Q: Do I need to pay?

A: No. The appointment and the test are free at these clinics, even if you do not have a Medicare card.

Q: What happens when I get to the clinic?
  • When you arrive use the hand sanitiser and put on the mask you are given.
  • Next a nurse will ask you some questions and take your temperature.
  • Then you’ll see the doctor.
  • If needed, a nose swab will be done at the clinic. You might feel some pain for a few seconds.
  • The results may take 1 to 3 days. The clinic will contact you with your results. If you have a regular GP, they will also receive a copy of your results.

Q: What happens after I get tested?

A: For anyone who is tested, you must go straight home afterwards. You need to stay home until you get a negative test result and your symptoms resolve. Do NOT stop anywhere to shop or see anyone. Do NOT visit friends and family, or attend other public places. While you are waiting for your results, if you need food or medicines ask a friend or family member to get them for you.

For more information about self-isolation, take a look at the Queensland Health fact sheet.

Q: Who can go to these clinics?

A: Anyone can be seen at these clinics if you have cold or flu symptoms. There is no age limit. The clinics will see everyone – babies, children, adults and the elderly.

Q: If I have cold and flu symptoms can I see my regular doctor (GP)?

A: You will need to call your doctor (GP) first. They will decide if you need a face-to-face or a telehealth appointment.
Remember, you should continue to see your doctor (GP) for your regular checkups or if you need advice for other health issues.


More information

Still not sure what to do if you have cold and flu symptoms? Watch this short animation to learn more…