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Aged care

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COVID-19 vaccine rollout in RACFs

Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout began on 22 February 2021 with residential aged care residents and workers among the first Australians being offered a vaccine.

Administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to RACF residents and workers is being provided by Healthcare Australia, an in-reach Commonwealth vaccination workforce. This organisation will work with RACFs to obtain consent and administer the vaccine.

During the rollout, RACFs will be grouped by location to ensure efficient delivery of the vaccine. Groups will comprise up to eight facilities within a 30-kilometre radius. Healthcare Australia will directly contact RACFs about their scheduled start date for vaccinations.

Preparing for rollout

In preparation for rollout, RACFs are strongly encouraged to:

  1. Review the COVID-19 vaccine aged care readiness toolkit
  2. Start the process of obtaining and recording resident consent now. The consent form can be found here.
  3. Review and complete the COVID-19 Vaccination Planning Checklist and the Site Readiness Checklist.
Concerns about suitability to receive a vaccination

If there are concerns about a resident’s suitability to receive the vaccine before or on the day of vaccination, it is advised to contact the resident’s GP. In these instances, GPs may provide a phone assessment or undertake an in-person review of the resident.

GPs are advised to document their advice in the resident care notes. More information is contained in the fact sheet: COVID-19 vaccination – Clinical governance requirements for COVID-19 vaccination clinics at RACF

GPs working with RACFs

The Aged Care Readiness Toolkit has been created to support GPs and practices working RACFs.

The toolkit includes information on the process for RACFs to coordinate consent for residents and the consent form being used.

Enquiry management

These resources may assist GPs to manage enquiries from their patients, their families and carers, and RACF staff.

Keeping updated 

Brisbane South PHN will keep you updated as further information is released, including providing resources about reporting adverse events and further information for providers, workers and residents.

Please email the Brisbane South PHN aged care team with any questions or concerns.


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