Digital health support

Digital health technologies contribute to improving health care quality and outcomes by facilitating effective information management, communication, decision making, better care coordination and more continuity of care. 

The Australian digital health environment incorporates several digital infrastructure and technologies at national, state, regional and organisation levels. Brisbane South PHN’s Digital Health team is continually working to support improved efficiency, effectiveness and quality of health services by adopting new technologies, providing digital health education and fostering collaborations among the health professionals in the region. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: There are changes coming to NASH certificates. These changes will affect all healthcare organisations who are using national digital health systems such as Secure Messaging, My Health Record, Health Identifiers Service and Electronic Prescriptions. It is essential that your healthcare organisation renews its NASH certificate by the required date to enable safe, secure and efficient patient care. Click here to find out more.  

The My Health Record is an online summary of an individual’s health information that can be shared securely between the patient and authorised healthcare providers involved in their care.

The digital health team supports general practices to collect, analyse and utilise their clinical data

The Digital Health team is here to support all healthcare organisations with a range of digital health technologies and programs.

More information

For information or support regarding digital health, contact the Digital Health team via email or phone 1300 467 265.