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Shared care is a joint arrangement to provide maternity care between a General Practitioner (GP) and specialist obstetrician or hospital-based obstetric unit. Shared antenatal care is an option for women experiencing a low-risk pregnancy. In special circumstances, a high-risk woman may be accepted into a shared care program and would require close collaboration between her GP and the hospital.

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Advantages of shared care

The advantages of shared antenatal care are that:

  • it provides the woman with a convenient and familiar provider of antenatal care
  • GP visits cement continuity of care while ensuring hospital resources are used for secondary and tertiary care.

GPs participating in the Maternity Shared Care Alignment Program are expected to be familiar with guidelines and protocols and complete ongoing educational requirements.

Become a Shared Care GP

From June 30 2022 the delivery and administration of all Maternity Shared Care alignment education events will be transferred to MMH and MSHHS. GPs can contact the MSH Maternity GPLO or the MMH GP Liaison Midwife on the details below to confirm their alignment status, and discuss options of becoming aligned or re-aligned with the respective alignment programs.

GPs wishing to provide shared antenatal care at MSH region hospitals or MMH are required to become aligned. There are a number of options to alignment including completion of a DRANZCOG, Certificate of Women’s Health, MMH or MSH Alignment 1 seminar.

The Maternity Shared Care alignment seminars are updated regularly to support GPs provide safe and contemporaneous maternity care for women and families in Brisbane south.

Completing the MSH Alignment 1 seminar will enable you to participate in the Maternity Shared Care Alignment Program with Logan, Redland and Beaudesert Hospitals, and provide a pathway to accessing the MMH Online Bridging program.

Alignment with MSH will be compulsory by June 2022. From this time, participation in shared arrangements to care for your pregnant patients will only be available for aligned GPs.

GPs must maintain alignment every three years. The alignment options flow-charts linked above outline the different pathways available to GPs to maintain alignment with MMH and MSH.

GPs who have already completed an alignment with MMH can maintain alignment by attending other MMH programs, Alignment 2 or 3.

Maternity Shared Care Online Bridging Program

The GP Maternity Shared Care team at Metro South Health also offer the MSH GP Maternity Shared Care Online Bridging Program. The program is delivered via an interactive online learning module, and is available to all GPs who are currently aligned to provide GP Maternity Shared Care at MMH and wish to align with MSH.

The module will take approximately 1- 1 ½ hours to complete. Once complete, GPs will receive notice of completion which can be claimed as Continuing Professional Development (CPD), logged through the RACGP member portal or other associations. To access the MSH GP Maternity Shared Care Online Bridging Program, please contact the GP Liaison Officer on the details below.

Program contacts

Metro South Health Maternity Shared Care Program

GP Liaison Officer – Maternity (Midwife and GP).
Phone: 07 2891 5754

Mater Health MSC clinical matters

GP Liaison Midwife
Phone: 07 3163 1861
Mobile: 0466 205 710

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